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The Thief of Joy

I see a lot of people who have accomplished many things this year. Many of them goals I had for myself too. I started getting down on myself wondering why I didn’t get to reach all of my goals like they did.

I didn’t lose 100lbs.
I didn’t work out every single week.
I didn’t continue going to the gym in addition to home workouts.
I didn’t do a lot of stuff.

I just kept listing things off as I found them and was actually letting that keep me from working towards my goals anymore! That’s when I realized I was mentally destroying myself.. when reality was I did more than I didn’t.

I felt better.
I can run around with my kids.
I can hold my youngest without pain.
I was top 13/6000 entries for the Positively Unstoppable Contest.
I went to a DDPY workshop.
I started up again even when I wanted to quit.

I got so caught up in the comparison monster that I couldn’t see all the wonderful things I’d done all year long. And I’d bet you did more than you think too.

I suggest you sit down and make a list. No matter the size. Every small change is a way to the life you want and deserve. See what you’ve done, and ink some goals for 2020. Maybe make one of them to stop comparing yourself to everyone, I know that will be one of mine!


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