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My name is Morgan! I’m a graphic designer by day, and learning how to own my life again by night. I’m a mom to two handsome sons. Jensen is one and Christian is seven. They are both pretty into this whole yoga thing I’ve got going on! I can’t forget my man (child), Jesse. I love him slightly more than pizza, which is saying a lot.

I began my journey on social media as a way to stay accountable, it quickly turned into more. My hopes for this blog is you’ll find something relatable to your journey, even if it’s a different method than I am using. We all have similar goals, but are just taking different routes to get there, and thats ok!

What program am I following?
DDP Yoga is my main form of exercise. I also occasionally hit up the gym because as a mom who works from home, I need a break from my house/office!

What diet am I following?
I’ve started WW (Weight Watchers)! I’m currently following the purple plan, and really enjoying it. Considering giving it a try? Here’s a free month!

Am I on social media?
Why yes, yes I am. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for more daily content!

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