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My Supplements of Choice

Over the last month I have been trying MPB SUPPS Greens and Pre-Workout. As a person with the taste buds of a five year old, I want to scream GO BUY THIS to everyone!

Greens Supplement

I’ve been a picky eater my entire life. There are things I really want to enjoy, that I can’t stand no matter how many times I try. Unfortunately, that means my veggie intake really suffers. UNTIL NOW.

I’ll admit I was hesitant at first. Greens that are Apple Banana flavor? No way in hell. They arrived and I tried it with a scoop in about 5 oz of water. I wasn’t sold and didn’t even finish the drink. I felt betrayed by the thousands of reviews I was seeing roll in every day. Of course I’d be the only person to not like them!

That is until I saw Tiffany (creator of MPBSUPPS) try a dry scoop. Total game changer guys! It completely transformed the taste and reminds me of taking a Pixistick as a child. Not even five seconds and I’ve got a dose of veggies in!

December 2019 Update

I’ve been religiously taking these greens for awhile now. It’s the only change I’ve made that has been 100% done every week. I suffer from psoriasis, and at a young age began having dry skin scaling on my scalp. This in turn caused a bald spot that has only grown in size over the years, luckily I can hide it with other hair but it is still a huge insecurity. Since taking these greens I have started seeing hair growth in this spot which growth has never happened before. I have no idea how it helps, I never expected it to either, but it is.. And I will never stop taking them now!

Pre-Workout Supplement

I said it before, and I’ll say it again, your girl doesn’t like many things! I’ve tried numerous pre-workouts and while they were good on energy, I could barely choke them down. And more times than not, the ingredients were full of things I couldn’t exactly pronounce. But this one is different.

For me, the number one selling point is how CLEAN it is! To give you an idea before reading the label, straight from their listing, “The raspberry flavor, caffeine, and pretty pink color are all derived from totally natural sources, like tea and beet root..” I question everyday how she was able to create something so tasty with all natural ingredients. But she did the damn thing.

When I take a serving I feel like I can push harder and further than ever before, without ever experiencing a crash. It puts me in an amazing mood that I can accomplish anything. As a person who suffers from anxiety I extra love anything that can turn my mood around, and I often wish that I could always feel as good as this supplement makes me feel every time I take it.


I will never be able to express my gratitude to them for creating such an amazing line of supplements. I know they have more products in the works, and I will be one of the first ones to try once they launch. If you haven’t tried any of the products yet, RUN and try them now! They will speak for themselves once they arrive at your door.

You can buy them here or follow their Instagram for more updates and reviews!


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