Can’t vs Don’t

Imagine you’ve just started your diet. You’ve gone out to eat and they offer dessert.

What is your first thought? “I can’t have dessert” or “I don’t eat dessert.”

If you don’t see the difference, I’m here to tell you you’re wrong!

Kick can’t to the curb!

By saying “I can’t” you are signaling to your brain the idea that you’re giving up something desirable. We no longer have a choice and in turn, this makes us want that dessert, those chips, that milkshake even more. For a lot us, myself included, this means we end up failing because we let our cravings control our path to success.

What we tell ourselves can have powerful effects on our mind. When you start saying “I don’t eat that” we are giving the brain a sense of empowerment. We are saying this isn’t a diet, but a lifestyle. This is what we do and do not eat now. This is only a once in a while treat. This is a healthy meal.

You get the idea.

The choice is yours!

It really is that simple. The next time you are out and the opportunity for dessert is there, decide that you DON’T eat that. If you still find yourself thinking you can’t, all you have to do is remind yourself that you don’t every time. Eventually, you won’t even need reminding!

When you kick “can’t” out of your vocabulary, you are setting yourself up to be the person you dream to be. It’s time to get out there and OWN IT!

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