Burnt Out Mama

I constantly see people asking others “but how do you STAY motivated?” Every time I do, I let out a small laugh, because honey, no one does.

The truth is everyone gets burnt out. It’s OK! That doesn’t mean you’re broken, you are just resting until your fire comes back.

This past week for me has been a tough one. Along with some minor health problems, I’ve just been in a funk. I haven’t pushed myself as hard during workouts, my food has been less than great, and I just haven’t been spreading the love and encouragement like I normally enjoy doing. This funk had to go ya’ll. So I dug deep and I found a comparison of how far I’ve come with some basic moves. And all I can say is wow. I’m actually really shocked I even recorded myself with the push ups at the beginning of my journey, but so glad I did. This simple side by side video got me back on my game.

But it really did get me thinking about how easy it is to get yourself down.

One thing I find extremely important to your success is if all you are seeing on social media are some happy go lucky highlight reels, do yourself a favor and unfollow them. Find the people who are raw and real. Find the ones who have been through what you have in life. Watch their struggles along with their wins, and you won’t find yourself wondering if you can’t do it because you don’t feel 100% motivated every day.

You are going to have days you wake up and are ready to conquer anything that is thrown your way. But there will also be days where you don’t feel like you could even get dressed. It’s what you do in the moment that leads to success. Sure you could stay in your three day old sweats and binge some more Netflix, but how does that help the goals you are yearning for? I’m here to tell you IT DOESN’T. Unless of course you’re training to be the Number One Netflix Binger in the world.. which if that exists, hit a girl up!

The key to those days are just to DO SOMETHING. It doesn’t need to be complicated, it just needs to be at least one thing to benefit your goals. That could be going on a walk instead of your regular night at the gym. A day of healthy eating versus that chocolate you’ve been craving. Maybe it’s even just creating the profile to start your own blog, Youtube, WHATEVER that you’ve been dreaming of doing. If you take at least one step towards your goals on the days you feel the least motivated, you will succeed at anything you want. Be stronger than your strongest excuse.

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