The Final 13

Picture another regular day in my household:

A teething toddler who probably cried 23 out of 24 hours
A bit LOT of drama at work
My man at work for SEVENTEEN hours!
In desperate need to go to the grocery store to feed my family
Broke AF

I tried to start my day on a positive note.. I got back into my normal routine after being sick over two weeks. I was attempting to make healthy choices, mainly because there were hardly any choices but eggs, eggs or eggs. And yet by the end of the day, this mama was about to lose her shit.

Money has been so tight, the days have been so long. I’ve personally been struggling with wondering when some of my hard work was going to pay off already. But like so many times in the past, life showed me why those other things didn’t work out before.

After the longest day ever, sitting on the couch with little man watching Paw Patrol, I decided to check my email. Usually, its click, click, click DELETE. But this time “Positively Unstoppable Challenge Finalist” catches my eye. HUH?

I open the email to see “Congratulations on becoming a finalist for the 2019 Positively Unstoppable Challenge! “

Insert me hyperventilating worse than when I found out I was pregnant in 2017.

Seriously, WHAT! It’s the next day and I’m still trying to process that this is real life! Out of thousands of people, I fit into the final 13? CUE UGLY TEARS. I was actually so hyped up I felt that I needed to hit the mat and get a work out in! That’s never been a way to celebrate for me before.

Later on that evening, DDPY announces all the finalists. Come to find out that includes several people whose journeys I have followed since the beginning. These people are so deserving. So kind, so real, so inspiring. To be next to them with this is truly an honor.

I might not know the words to describe the feelings that overcame me with this news, but I do know that even if it doesn’t go any further, this is one of my greatest achievements. I felt that I had changed my life for myself and my children, and this validates those feelings. This proves that hard work will pay off in one way or another. When life seems like it just wants to keep kicking you down, get up and fight. The good will always shine through darkness. You will see exactly why life led you down that path.

Even if I’m not in the final two, I know that I am on the right path for the rest of my life, and I couldn’t be more thankful to DDPY for that.

It even gave me the gift of deeming the day one of my best, when a majority of it felt so bad before.

All that said, good luck to every finalist. Now hit the mat!

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