Positively Unstoppable Challenge

I’ve found many things on the beginning of my journey. Passion. Friendships. Self love. Memories. Life. Finding DDPY sparked a fire in my soul to take control.

I am down 21 of 75 pounds to lose this year. Pushing myself to do DDPY five to six days a week is helping me to achieve my weight loss goals. Even with a long road ahead, I am already much more capable of running around with my children, PAIN FREE. My biggest goal of all, and I’ve already did the damn thing in just 16 weeks! Previously, I’d pass on many opportunities as they were tiring for my obese mentality, but now we are running around playing frisbee, going on family walks, enjoying the zoo, long arcade days, and even trampoline parks! I feel like I can finally make up for lost time with my two boys.

Now, I may want to lose extra weight, but I’ve found a self love and confidence that I don’t think I have ever worn in my life. I don’t hate and degrade myself every single day anymore. I realized that it is me right now, who is taking charge of my life, who is making things possible that I felt couldn’t be achieved. I am the bad ass woman I once envied. 

I also began documenting my journey on Instagram as a way to push past my comfort zones and receive some personal accountability. I never imagined anything would come of it, but the messages coming in stating that I’m inspiring them to own their life is one of my proudest moments. I never imagined that I could touch people’s lives just by taking care of my own every single day. These are friendships gained that I feel blessed to have.

But most of all, I have discovered a life worth living. And that is one of the greatest things I have ever done. I am positively unstoppable, there is nothing that will get between me and the rest of my goals.

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