Doing the Damn Thing

I could come up with a thousand reasons not do anything about my mental and physical health. But one reason why has flipped a switch in my head. My kids. 

We were just watching tv and my oldest (6 years) sees a commercial for an indoor water park, quickly telling me that we HAVE to go there!! Out loud I said, “Oh yeah?” and internally, “Yeah, right. I am not going to some water park for everyone to see me in a bathing suit.” Right after I thought that nearly brought tears to my eyes. Was I really not going to go out and make memories with my kids because I felt too embarrassed about myself? I started remembering all the occasions I didn’t want to do something with them because I get worn out so easily, or it’d involve a lot of people around, the reasons why not were endless. That moment was my wake up call. And I swore no matter how many times I failed, this time I was going to own my life. 

Right now, I’m going to keep my short term goals simple.

  • Hold my one year old longer than a few seconds because of my back
  • Make healthy meals every day for my whole family to enjoy
  • Get on the floor and play with my kids, without moaning and groaning to get back up again
  • Get my ass out of bed earlier than the last possible minute

Those may seem like small goals to others, but for me they are a daily battle that I do not want to deal with anymore.

Now long term, those will take some more work.

  • Lose 130 lbs
  • Go outside and run, climb, ride bikes, anything to keep up with my kids
  • Have a mental attitude that is positively unstoppable

I chose myself, not junk food. I chose my family, over laziness. I choose LIFE. Because when it comes my time to go, I want others to remember me by more than just someone who turned down so many opportunities because I just didn’t think I could do it.

Today, I’m doing the damn thing. All 265lbs of me.

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